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DWM-RAK7240 16 channels LoRa Gateway with LoRa /4G /WIFI /GPS


DWM-RAK7240 8 channels OpenWRT OS DIY Enterprise LoRa Gateway Builtin OpenWRT OS support 16 channels LoRa/4G/WIFI/GPS .

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Product Description

RAK7240 Outdoor LPWAN Gateway is an ideal product for large scale LPWAN deployment where cost is essential, however there is no compromises to be made on quality. Its wide range of customization options allow for flexibility when deploying a solution. With its industrial-grade components and high class of ingress protection, it achieves a high standard of reliability.

The gateway provides for a solid out of the box experience where quick deployment is required. Additionally, since its software and UI sit on top of OpenWRT it is perfect for the development of custom applications (via the open SDK).

Thus, the RAK7240 Outdoor LPWAN Gateway, is suited for any use case scenario, be it rapid deployment or customization with regards to UI and functionality.

Product Features


IP65 industrial-grade enclosure with cable glands

PoE + Surge Protection

Dual LoRa® Concentrators for up to 16 channels

Backhaul: Wi-Fi, LTE, and Ethernet


SD card slot


Built-in LoRa® Server (up to 128 LoRa® nodes license included; higher tiers require a fee)


Software and UI sit on top of OpenWRT

LoRaWAN® 1.0.2

LoRa Frame filtering (node whitelisting)

MQTT v3.1 Bridging with TLS encryption

Buffering of LoRa® frames in case of NS outage (no data loss)

Package Inclusions

16 Channels without 4G (RAK7240-0X)

1x 8-channel device

1x LoRa Antenna

1x GPS Antenna

1x 2.4G Wi-Fi Antenna

1x PoE Injector

1x Mounting Kit

1x Manual

16 Channels with 4G (RAK7240-0X-14X )

1x 8-channel device with LTE module

1x LoRa Antenna

2x LTE Antenna

1x GPS Antenna

1x 2.4G Wi-Fi Antenna

1x PoE Injector

1x Mounting Kit

1x Manual

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