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Reference: DWM23021008

LHT65S LoRaWAN Temperature&Humidity Sensor

The LHT65S Temperature & Humidity sensor is a Long Range LoRaWAN Sensor. It includes a built-in Temperature & Humidity sensor and has an external sensor connector to connect to an external Temperature Sensor.

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Reference: DWM23021005

LMDS120 LoRaWAN Microwave Radar Distance Sensor

The LMDS120 can be applied to scenarios such as horizontal distance measurement, parking management system, object proximity and presence detection, intelligent trash can management system, robot obstacle avoidance, automatic control, sewer, etc.

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Reference: DWM23021002

NDS03A NB-IoT Outdoor Open/Close Door Sensor

The NDS03A is an Open/Close NB-IoT Door Sensor. It detects door open/close status and uplinks to IoT server via NB-IoT network. NDS03A can connect two door sensors. user can see the door status, open duration, open counts in the IoT Server.

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