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Silicon Labs offers the world's most integrated, robust, reliable, and easy-to-use wireless and RF IC solutions available in the market today.We will list and supply all of the serial modules which are built by the Silicon labs,si1000,Si4432,si4463,si4438 exts.

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Reference: DWM14032301

RFM01 /RFM02 433MHz /868MHz /915MHZ HopeRF module

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RFM01/RFM02 is 433/868/915MHZ a low costing ISM band FSK receiver / transmitter module comply with FCC, ETSI regulation. The SPI interface is used to communicate with microcontroller for parameter setting.  RFM01 works with RFM02 transmitter module. At 433MHZ band, the pair of module can work up to 300m in the free open air.

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