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RAK811 Development Kit WisDuo LoRa Module


RAK811 Development Kit WisDuo LoRa Module is a combination of the RAK811 chipset and the RAK811 Breakout Board.

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Product Description

RAK811 WisDuo LoRa Module is a combination of the RAK811 chipset and the RAK811 Breakout Board. It is a barebone LoRa Node solution which is a balance between small size and access to GPIOs via a header.

With Semtech SX1276 at its core, the RAK811 WisDuo Module takes advantage of all LoRa features. Long range, low power consumption is at its core.

Its setup is easy and straightforward. The firmware fully supports the LoRaWAN 1.0.2 stack. The node can work in a number of modes, with different data rates and read data from the attached sensors. This is all configurable via AT commands.

Key Features

Based on Semtech SX1276

Full LoRaWAN 1.0.2 stack support

Supported bands: (EU433, CN470, IN865, EU868, AU915, US915, KR920, AS920 and AS923)

Output power: 5-20dBm adjustable

Max sensitivity: -130dBm@0.3kps

Open source firmware with built-in AT command functionality for easy setup

Theoretical max range of 2km in Urban and 15km in open areas

Integrates both SMA and iPEX antenna connectors

Operating temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C (industrial grade)

Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C (non-condensing)


Breakout Board Dimensions: 42mm x 25mm

Product Weight: 0.2kg


1pc RAK811 WisDuo LoRa Module (chipset pre-soldered on the board)

1pc LoRa Antenna

5pcs Dupont Line

Useful Link:


RAK811-N Lora Module Datasheet V1.1.pdf

Application Notes

Firmware upgrade


Hardware Design


 Software Development





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