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DWM-RAK7249 16 channels OpenWRT OS DIY Enterprise LoRa Gateway with LoRa/4G/WIFI/GPS

DWM-RAK7249 8 channels OpenWRT OS DIY Enterprise LoRa Gateway with LoRa /4G /WIFI /GPS


DWM-RAK7249 is The Enterprise DIY outdoor LoRaWan GATEWAY Builtin OpenWRT OS support 8 channels LoRa/4G/WIFI/GPS .

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Product Description

The Enterprise Grade DIY outdoor Gateway is an ideal product for IoT commercial deployment. It contains the Main Board, Operator-grade waterproof enclosure, backup battery and mounting accessories. The hardware main board completely integrates the WIFI, 4G, GPS and PoE main supply with an integrated back-up battery. The firmware implements a fully featured LoRaWAN™ complinant network base station. The Gateway has a range of over 15Km line-of-sight and over 2Km in dense urban environments. The DIY Gateway brings more flexiblity for the developer to create an enterprise grade solution: our most important difference is our flexible development support structure, allowing for faster development and time to market. We offer both a ready to go firmware image for openWRT based platforms and an open SDK for integration into hardware to support the needs of each customer.

Main Features

Enterprise grade network gateway with your own configuration. 
LoRaWAN™ Stack Inside and integrate the Web UI for management. 
Complete Hardware specification including LoRa concentrator, Cellular, GPS and WIFI. 
Supports Power of Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af/at-Compliant Class 4, 48V. 
Battery Backup sustains operation for 5 hours under typical conditions. 
IP67 waterproof enclosure with cable gland.

Main Specifications

Feature Specifications
Computing MT7628, DDR2RAM 128MB
WIFI Feature Frequency: 2.400-2.4835GHz(802.11b/g/n) ·
RX Sensitivity: -95dBm (Min),
TX Power: 20dBm (Max) ·
Operation Channels: 2.4GHz: 1-13
LoRa Feature SX1301 Mini PCIe card (connects maximum of two),
8Channels (Optional: 16channels) ·
RX Sensitivity: -142dBm (Min),
TX Power: 27dBm (Max) ·
Frequency: EU433, CN470, EU868, US915
AS920, AS923, AU915, KR920, IN865
LPWA IoT Protocol Cellular Variant for Europe
LTE FDD: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28A
GSM: 900/1800MHz
Cellular Variant for North America
LTE FDD: B2/B4/B5/B12/B13
Optional: Bluetooth 5, Zigbee
Power Supply PoE(IEEE 802.3af/at-Compliant), 42~57VDC
Power Consumption 12W (typical)
ETH RJ45(10/100M)
Antenna 5 N-Type connectors
Ingress Protection IP67
Enclosure Material Aluminum
Weight · Approximately 111.11oz (3.15kg)
Dimension · 220mm x 220mm x 104mm
Operating Temp  -30˚C to 65 ˚C
Installation method Pole or Wall mounting

Software Specifications


 Support class A, B & C
 Supports Semtech LoRa packet forwarder  Supports country code setup
 Supports TX power setup
 Supports data logger  Supports statistics
 Supports location setup
 Supports server address & port setup


 Supports WiFi AP mode
 Supports LTE APN setup
 Supports uplink backup
 Supports 802.1q
 Supports DHCP Server/Client  Supports router module NAT
 Supports firewall


Supports WEB Management  Supports SSH2
 Supports firmware update
 Supports NTP

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DWM-RAK7249 8 channels OpenWRT OS DIY Enterprise LoRa Gateway with LoRa /4G /WIFI /GPS

DWM-RAK7249 is The Enterprise DIY outdoor LoRaWan GATEWAY Builtin OpenWRT OS support 8 channels LoRa/4G/WIFI/GPS .

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