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DWM-RAK7204 LoRaWAN temperature humidity and pressure sensor node


The DWM-RAK7204 is an LPWAN node that serves as an environmental monitoring station. The high-precision sensors, can measure changes in temperature, humidity, gas pressure and provide an indoor air quality index.

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Product Description

Quick Start Guide

Key Features

  • Measurement of a variety of environmental parameters
    • Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure
  • Sensor
    • BOSCH BME680 Integrated Environmental Unit
  • Compact size
    • Built-in LoRa® Antenna, swappable battery
    • Easy to mount and maintain
  • Low power operation
    • Standby current of less than 15 uA
    • Adjustable sampling and transmission interval
  • Battery
    • Replaceable 3500 mAh high capacity lithium battery with a battery life of more than 2 years
  • LoRaWAN® 1.0.2 fully compliant


Working Temperature





 Operating Temperature




Storage Temperature




Power Consumption

Parameter Current Unit
Standby Current <15 uA
Current in Sensors Working Mode <10 mA
Current in LoRa® Transmission Mode <150 mA

Temperature Sensor Specifications

Parameter Min Typical Max
Temperature Range -40℃ +25℃ +85℃
Accuracy 0.5℃
Output Resolution 0.01℃

Humidity Sensor Specifications

Parameter Min Typical Max
Humidity Range 0% r.H 100 % r.H.
Accuracy +-3% r.H.
Output Resolution 0.008% r.H.

Gas Pressure Sensor Specifications

Parameter Min Typical Max
Range 300 hPa 300 hPa
Accuracy +-0.6 hPa
Output Resolution 0.18 Pa.

IAQ Sensor Specifications

Parameter Min Typical Max
IAQ Range 0 500
Accuracy 15
Output Resolution 1

1. The included battery is non-rechargeable. In case you need to plug in the Micro USB port for the purpose of configuring the node, the battery should stay plugged.Note :

2. The pin distance of the battery connector is 2.0mm. When choosing a battery, attention should be paid to the consistency of positive and negative poles. Reverse connections or short circuits may damage the device and may cause overheating and combustion of the battery. Therefore, when replacing the battery, it is necessary to strictly confirm whether the positive and negative poles of the connector are correct.

Questions and Answers

  • Hello. What are the specifications for the antenna? I can see X0454-X2 written on it,

  • but Dr Google provides no answers.

    No idea, honestly it is probably a decent antenna, as with most LoRa nodes. I would not expect it to be better than 1dB :

  • ( This is what you get from a patch that you want to fit inside a small box. However, I can stay testing is it proved to be decent,

  • guess LoRa does really help with range, We cover our office no problem through walls, etc. I haven't done a line of sight test,

  • but I am pretty sure it will do a couple of kilometers. I mean this is meant as a smart building device, so you would expect it

  • to be relatively close to the router.

  • What are the interval for sending data and the SF that needs to be configured to achieve the expected 2 years o

  • f operation with the battery? I need 5 minutes interval with at least SF10 (better SF11). Will it last > 2 years?

    The battery life of more than 2 years is expected if you are transmitting at 15-minute data transmission intervals. 

  • This being said it will most definitely not last 2 years if you are transmitting in 5 min intervals. I think the SF, in this case,

  • will be irrelevant as the time interval alone will reduce the battery life significantly.However this is a prediction based on a

  • shorter period of operation, we have no way to test it for a 2-year interval, so it might be possible,

  • however, we can not claim it :)

  • Is there any description of the jumpers in the device? Thanks!

    We are finalizing the document, apologies. Could you please post your request on the forums,

  • I think they will be able to help there.

  • Hi, where can I find a payload decoder for this device for TTN? Thanks!

    I am not sure there is one yet. Could you please post your question on the forums:

    Better have the whole community be aware, perhaps someone can provide a solution I can not.

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