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IoT Wireless ear tag sensor for dairy farm Management


The IoT Wireless ear tag sensor build by BDDBTECH offers a completed solution for the dairy farm Management system.  



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Notice: This is Pre-sell products we will collect 100 orders to run the production and launch the data management system at the same time.

This is a completed solution for livestock management which is composed of a digital sensor, wireless communication, and Internet technology. Digital sensors of the cow body temperature (ear), amount of exercise, the range data through wireless communication technology and the Internet network to upload and save the cloud server, data from the cloud server via the Internet technology, management and analysis, and the analysis results through the Internet in the form of distribution to the hands of customers, customers can zap through analysis results to production, management and operation.


1. Rechargeable 2-3 hours fully charged.

2.At least 1 year work time( after one year recharge one time )

3.Ear canal temperature detection(accuracy +/- 0.1 degree)

4.Sport detection( Movement accumulation of the movement for all of the time)

5.RSSI detection (this is an indicator of the movement range)

6.Battery device monitor (we give warning if the device under normal work condition)

7.Wireless transmission(sub-1GHz wireless transmission the tag will transmit the collected data to tag reader each of 15 Minutes)

8.200 meters wireless transmission( each tag can transmit the data to tag reader in 200 meters range)

9.Low-cost solution.

10.Net weight 24g

Package list

1. 50pcs Wireless ear tag sensors.

2. 2pcs IoT gateway(Readers).

3. 1pcs plier

4. Data management system account

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