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RS485-LS Solar Powered RS485/ UART to LoRaWAN Converter


RS485-LS is a Solar Powered RS485/ UART to LoRaWAN Converter  Users can connect the RS485 or UART sensor to the RS485-LS converter Supports BLE configuration and wireless OTA update.

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The RS485-LS is an RS485/ UART to LoRaWAN Converter for Internet of Things solutions. Users can connect RS485 or UART sensor to the RS485-LS converter, and configure RS485-LS to periodically read sensor data and upload via the LoRaWAN network to the IoT server.

RS485-LS can interface to the RS485 sensor, 3.3v/5v UART sensor, or interrupt sensor. RS485-LS provides a 3.3v output and a 5v output to power external sensors. Both output voltages are controllable to minimize the total system power consumption.

RS485-LB/LS is IP67 waterproof and powered by a solar panel + 3000mAh li-on battery it is designed for long-term use for several years.

RS485-LS runs standard LoRaWAN 1.0.3 in Class A. It can reach a long transfer range and is easy to integrate with a compatible gateway and IoT server.

For data uplink, RS485-LS sends user-defined commands to RS485 devices and gets the return from the RS485 devices. RS485-LS will process these returned data according to user-defined rules to get the final payload and upload it to the LoRaWAN server.

For data downlink, RS485-LS runs in LoRaWAN Class A. When there are downlink commands from the LoRaWAN server, RS485-LS will forward the commands from the LoRaWAN server to RS485 devices.

RS485-LS Supports BLE configuration and wireless OTA update which makes users easy to use.

Each RS485-LS pre-load with a set of unique keys for LoRaWAN registration, register these keys to the LoRaWAN server and it will auto-connect after powering on.


LoRaWAN 1.0.3 Class A

Frequency Bands: CN470/EU433/KR920/US915/EU868/AS923/AU915/IN865/RU864/MA869

Ultra-low power consumption

Support multiply RS485 devices by flexible rules

Support Modbus protocol

Support Interrupt uplink

Supports connecting UART sensors with 3.3V or 5V

Support Bluetooth v5.1 and LoRaWAN remote configure

Support wireless OTA update firmware

AT Commands to change parameters

Uplink on periodically

Downlink to change configure

Solar panel + 3000mAh Li-on battery (RS485-LS) 


Common DC Characteristics:

Supply Voltage: Built-in Battery, 2.5v ~ 3.6v

Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 85°C

I/O Interface:

Battery controllable output (2.6v ~ 3.6v depends on battery)

+5v controllable output

1 x RS485 Interface

1 x UART Interface , 3.3v or 5v

1 x Interrupt or Digital IN/OUT pins

1 x I2C Interface

1 x one wire interface

LoRa Spec:

Frequency Range,  Band 1 (HF): 862 ~ 1020 Mhz

Max +22 dBm constant RF output vs.

RX sensitivity: down to -139 dBm.

Excellent blocking immunity


Solar panel + Li-on battery

Capacity: 3000mAh

Power Consumption:

Sleep Mode: 5uA @ 3.3v

LoRa Transmit Mode: 125mA @ 20dBm, 82mA @ 14dBm


Wireless Alarm and Security Systems

Home and Building Automation

Automated Meter Reading

Industrial Monitoring and Control

Long-range Irrigation Systems, etc.

Package Includes:

1 x RS485-LS RS485/UART to LoRaWAN Converter

Dimensions and Weight:

Device Size: 9.7 x 6.5 x 4.7 cm

Device Weight: 150g

Package Size / pcs: 14.0 x 8x 5 cm

Weight / pcs: 180g 

Order Info:


XX: the default frequency band

EU433: Default frequency band EU433

CN470: Default frequency band CN470

EU868: Default frequency band EU868

IN865: Default frequency band IN865

KR920: Default frequency band KR920

AS923: Default frequency band AS923

AU915: Default frequency band AU915

US915: Default frequency band US915


12: With M12 IP68 waterproof cable hole(default)

16: With M16 IP68 waterproof cable hole

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RS485-LS Solar Powered RS485/ UART to LoRaWAN Converter

RS485-LS is a Solar Powered RS485/ UART to LoRaWAN Converter  Users can connect the RS485 or UART sensor to the RS485-LS converter Supports BLE configuration and wireless OTA update.

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