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DWM-LoRa1278F30 +30dBm 433MHz /470MHz LoRa Long Range Transceiver RF Module
  • DWM-LoRa1278F30 +30dBm 433MHz /470MHz LoRa Long Range Transceiver RF Module

DWM-LoRa1278F30 +30dBm 433MHz /470MHz LoRa Long Range Transceiver RF Module


DWM-LoRa1278F30 is a 500W high power wireless transceiver module, which integrates SemtechRF transceiver chip SX1278. There are 433MHz and 470MHz for avaialble options.

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  • 433-460MHz/470-510MHz

  • Sensitivity up to -139 dBm

  • Maximum output power: 30dBm

  • 13mA@receiver mode

  • Sleep current <10uA

  • Data transfer rate:@FSK,1.2-300kbps

                                           @Lora TM,0.018-37.5kbps

  • Lora TM,MSK,GFSK and OOK Modulation mode

  • 127 dB Dynamic Range RSSI

  • Packet engine up to 256 bytes with FIFO and CRC

  • Hopping frequency

  • Operating Temperature Range:-40~ + 85 °C

  • Built-in temperature sensor and low battery indicator

  • 1.8-3.7 V Power supply

  • Excellent blocking immunity


  • Remote control

  • Remote meter reading

  • Home security alarm and remote keyless entry

  • Industrial control

  • Home automation remote sensing

  • Individual data records

  • Toys control

  • Sensor network

  • Tire pressure monitoring

  • Health monitoring

  • Wireless PC peripherals

  • Tag reading and writing


Electrical Characteristics:

Parameters Min Typ Max Unite Condition
Working Condition
Working Voltage
3 5 6.5 V  
Current Consumption
Rx Current   <13   mA     @5V
Tx Current 500 550 650 mA     @30dBm
Sleep Current   <10   uA  
RF Parameter
 Frequency Range  400 433  460  MHz  @433MHz
 470  490  510  MHz  @470MHz
 Moduration Rate  1.2    300  Kbps  FSK
 0.018    17.353  Kbps  LoRa TM
 Output Power Range  25    30.5  dBm  
 Receiving Senstivity    -122    dBm

@FSK DataRate=1.2kbps,Fdev=50KHz

   -139    dBm LoRa TM BW=62.5KHz,SF=12,CR=4/5



Speed rate correlation table:

Pin definition:


PIN Assigment:

 Pin No PIN Name  Description 
 1  VCC Power Supply
 2 GND Power Ground
 3 NC No Connect
 4 DIO3 Digital I/O
 5 NRESET Reset Input
 6 DIO0 Digital I/O
 7 NSS SPI Enable
 8 GND Power Ground
 9 SCK Serial Clock For SPI Interface
 10 MISO SPI Output For SPI data
 11 MOSI SPI Input For SPI data
 12 DIO2 Digital I/O
 13 DIO1 Digital I/O
 14 NC No Connect
 15 ANT GND Antenna Ground
 16 ANT Connect With 50ohm Coaxial Antenna

Mechanism Dimensions:

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