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M5Stack 868MHz LoRa Module for ESP32 DIY Development Kit


LoRa Module for ESP32 DIY Development Kit Wireless 868MHz Built-in Antenna IOT Development Board.

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LoRa868 is integrated with the LoRa Module Ra-01H which is designed and produced by Ai-Thinker.The board has some extra space left over, so we give you a prototyping area great for adding on your own customized circuit working with the LoRa868 Module.

LoRa enables long-range transmissions (more than 10 km in some areas) with low power consumption.The technology is presented in two parts: LoRa, the physical layer and LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network), the communication layers simillar to the OSI model.

LoRa and LoRaWAN permit long-range connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices in various industrial applications.

Product Features

LoRa Module: Ra-01H (by Ai-Thinker)

Communication Protocol: SPI

Universal Perfboard

Working Frequency: 803~930 MHz

Supports FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRa ™ and OOK modulation modes

Receive sensitivity: lowest to -141 dBm

Programmable bit rate up to 300Kbps

Built-in FPC Antenna

External IPX Antenna connector

Program platform: Arduino

Product Size:54.2mm x 54.2mm x 12.8mm

Product weight:14.5g

Kit includes

1x M5Stack LoRa Module


Automatic meter reading

Home building automation

Remote irrigation system


Arduino IDE

These are the point-to-point communication examples between two LORA modules. The LoRa nodes send and receive messages.

Blue string indicates send succeed.

Yellow string display the received messages.

Red string indicates initialization failed.

To get complete code, please click here

#include <M5Stack.h>

#include <M5LoRa.h>


String outgoing;                     // outgoing message

byte msgCount = 0;                   // count of outgoing messages

byte localAddress = 0xBB;            // address of this device

byte destination = 0xFF;             // destination to send to



LoRa.setPins();                      // set CS, reset, IRQ pin

LoRa.begin(868E6);                   // initialize ratio at 868 MHz

//send message

void sendMessage(String outgoing) {

  LoRa.beginPacket();                // start packet

  LoRa.write(destination);           // add destination address

  LoRa.write(localAddress);          // add sender address

  LoRa.write(msgCount);              // add message ID

  LoRa.write(outgoing.length());     // add payload length

  LoRa.print(outgoing);              // add payload

  LoRa.endPacket();                  // finish packet and send it

  msgCount++;                        // increment message ID


//receive message

void onReceive(int packetSize) {

  if (packetSize == 0) return;       // if there's no packet, return

  int recipient =;       // recipient address

  byte sender =;         // sender address

  byte incomingMsgId =;  // incoming msg ID

  byte incomingLength =; // incoming msg length

  String incoming = "";

  while (LoRa.available()) {

    incoming += (char);




Usefull Link:

LoRa Info (LoRa)

UIFlow, MicroPython, Arduino

LoRaWAN Regional Parameters

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M5Stack 868MHz LoRa Module for ESP32 DIY Development Kit

LoRa Module for ESP32 DIY Development Kit Wireless 868MHz Built-in Antenna IOT Development Board.

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