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LoRaWAN Helium HNT miner Indoor networking antenna


LoRaWAN Helium HNT miner Indoor networking  antenna available with 433MHz,868MHz and 915MHz.

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The principle of the antenna, through the antenna to receive the signal, the received signal from HNT equipment to do filtering, reduction, attenuation and other processing. This antenna through the high-frequency physical signal processing mode, not affected by other electronic circuits, qualified RSSI signal parameters which simulate of outdoor environment, place multiple devices in a small room finally achieve the purpose of cluster layout.which can be used into all of the Helium miners like Heltec,RAK,Sensecap,dragino,Panther,Bobcat Hummingbird ext.

Model: xy-868 ~ 923-S  

Frequency: 433MHz,868MHz,915MHz

impedance: 50 ohms

maximum load power: 2W (60dBm) 

Attenuation: 50dbi

interface type: SMA-A/SMA-F/SMA-N



The indoor networking antenna  andthe SNR transmitter are the solutions for solving the RSSI and SNR to make it look real when the miners witness.

There is no tutorial and the only thing you need to do is adjust the distance between miners and the SNR transmitter according to the RSSI value and SNR value based on the outcome.

So it's a simple loop setting the antenna and SNR transmitter and checking the RSSI value and SNR value and see how many HNT you can earn per day and adjust the distance between the miners and starting from the beginning again.

But we can give suggestions. You can start from that.Here are suggestions

1 virtual positioning is not too false, it needs to be setted in the house area, try not to be too close, not too far away (preferably less than 10 kilometers) and do not have a regular random point  

2. A wallet should not exceed 10  

3. Each machine requires a different external IP address  

4. Each set should be spaced at least 30 cm apart  

5. Don't use too many items in one wallet at a time

6. Place the SNR transmitter 1-2 meters away from the HNT miners.

7. If the SNR suppression value is not good enough, it can be properly placed closer to the HNT Miners.

8. The miner can also be connected to 5dB 10dB 15dB attenuator or indoor networking antenna and with the transmitter closely together to adjust the different suppressed SNR value.

I think the Helium will find out this way and will change their rules but we all of the witnesses will base on the RSSI and SNR values that will not be changed according to what we know now.

So the indoor antenna and  SNR are just like tools you have to use to approach maximum profit according to the helium rules.


1. If deployed, the miner should not be online at the same time.

2. The more wallet separation, the better

3. Mix multiple brands miners this will make it's a real  in the witness. 

4. Altitude DPI do not use default Settings

5. It's better to  understand the terrain of the location

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LoRaWAN Helium HNT miner Indoor networking antenna

LoRaWAN Helium HNT miner Indoor networking  antenna available with 433MHz,868MHz and 915MHz.

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