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RFM73 / RFM73P
  • RFM73 / RFM73P

RFM75 /RFM75P 2.4GHz HopeRF transceiver rf module


RFM75 / RFM75P is a ISM frequency band at 2400 - 2483.5 MHz   in the world wide The module features low cost, small size, high stability and good consistency. 

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Brif introduction

RFM75 /RFM75P is a low-power, high-speed FSK/GFSK transceiver module specifically operating in the world wide ISM frequency band at 2400 - 2483.5 MHz The module features low cost, small size, high stability and good consistency. The maximum air data rate can be up to 2Mbps. It can be widely applied in various wireless connections in daily life or activities. It is compliant with the specifications regulated and required by FCC and ETSI.


  • 4-pin SPI interface with maximum 8 MHz clock rate
  • Support 1 and 2 Mbps air data rate
  • FSK/GFSK modulation
  • Programmable output power: -35 ~ +5 dBm , RFM75P :-5dBm to +20dBm .
  • Rx sensitivity -88dBm at the 1M data rate
  • Programmable frequency range 2400-2483.5MHz, 83 channels selectable
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Data buffering, burst data transmission, auto re-transmission and auto acknowledge
  • 6 data pipes for 1:6 star networks
  • Low-price MCU enables high-performance RF system
  • Open area distance: 70-80m  RFM75P 200-300 meters



  • Working frequency: 2400MHz-2483.5MHz
  • Modulation: FSK/GFSK
  • Tx Output Power: 5dBm(1mW)
  • Rx sensitivity: -88dBm
  • Data rate: 250K/1M/2Mbps 
  • Tx current: <30mA 
  • Rx current: <23mA 
  • Standby current: <3uA 
  • Channel selection: 83 channels
  • Data interface: SPI
  • Operating temperature: -40-85°C
  • Power supply: DC 1.9V~3.6V
  • Size: 16.8x12.8mm(PCB antenna included)



  • Wireless mouse, keyboard and gamepad
  • Wireless audio and headsets
  • Children finder and tracker
  • Medical equipment and remote control
  • Logistics tracker, warehouse inspector, E-label, etc.
  • Wireless applications of consumer electronics
  • Low consumption telemeter
  • Wireless sensor network(WSN)

Useful LinkDemo code & test report & Application note

Datasheet:  RFM75RFM75P


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RFM69CW / RFM69HCW SX1231H 433MHz /868MHz /915MHz HopeRF transceiver rf module

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