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RFM110W /RFM117W HopeRF CMT series single-chip OOK transmitter
  • RFM110W /RFM117W HopeRF CMT series single-chip OOK transmitter

RFM110W /RFM117W HopeRF CMT series 240MHz to 960 MHz single-chip OOK transmitter


The RFM110W /RFM117W devices are HopeRF CMT series ultra low-cost, highly flexible, high performance, single-chip OOK transmitters for various 240MHz to 960 MHz wireless applications.

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The RFM110W-RFM117W devices are ultra low-cost, highly flexible, high performance, single-chip OOK transmitters for various 240 to 960 MHz wireless applications. The RFM11W covers the frequency range from 240 to 480MHz while the RFM117W covers the 240 to 960 MHz frequency range. They are part of the CMOSTEK NextGenRFTM family, which includes a complete line of transmitters, receivers and transceivers. With very low current consumption, the device modulates and transmits the data which is sent from the host MCU. An embedded EEPROM allows the frequency, output power and other features to be programmed into the chip using the stock products of 433.92/868.35 MHz are available for immediate demands without the need of EEPROM programming.The RFM110W-RFM117W transmitter together with the RFM21xW receiver enables an ultra low cost RF link.

 Embedded EEPROM
         Very Easy Development with RFPDK
         All Features Programmable
 Frequency Range: 
         240 to 480 MHz (RFM110W)
         240 to 960 MHz (RFM117W)
 OOK Modulation
 Symbol Rate: 0.5 to 30 kbps
 1-wire Interface
 Output Power: -10 to +13 dBm
 Supply Voltage: 1.8 to 3.6 V
 Current Consumption: 12.4 mA @ +10 dBm
 Sleep Current < 20 nA
 FCC / ETSI Compliant
 RoHS Compliant
 Module Size:17.8*12.8*5.0mm

 Low-Cost Consumer Electronics Applications
 Home and Building Automation
 Remote Fan Controllers
 Infrared Transmitter Replacements
 Industrial Monitoring and Controls
 Remote Lighting Control
 Wireless Alarm and Security Systems
 Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

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CMOSTEK WriterConfig V1.0.3 Beta

CMT211xAW Schematic and PCB Layout Design Guideline

AN102 CMT2110W-17AW Configuration Guideline

AN108 CMT2210W-17AW Configuration Guideline

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