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ASR6601SE SoC LPWAN Wireless Communication Transceiver


ASR6601SE is a general LPWAN Wireless Communication SoC, with integrated RF Transceiver, Modem and a 32-bit RISC MCU. The MCU uses ARM Cortex M4, with 48 MHz operation frequency.


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LPWAN Wireless Communication SoC

ASR6601 is a low-power WAN wireless communication SoC supporting LoRa. It integrates a general-purpose microcontroller and RF unit on a single chip, including an RF transceiver, a modem and a 48 MHz basic frequency and 32-bit MCU with ARM STAR architecture. Multiple memory options include up to 256KB Flash and 64KB SRAM. The embedded LCD driver is built in, and AES, DES, RSA, ECC, SHA, SM2/3/4 hardware encryption is supported. The minimum size of QFN48 is only 6mm x 6mm. With the SoC design, ASR6601 is currently the best LPWAN chip supporting LoRa in the market featuring low power consumption, high performance, and low cost. It can be widely used in smart city, smart home, smart metering, wisdom fire, smart agriculture, wearable devices, etc.

Key Feature

 Small footprint: QFN48, 6 mm x 6 mm or QFN68, 8 mm x 8 mm

 Frequency Range: 150 MHz ~ 960 MHz

 Maximum Power +22 dBm constant RF output

 High sensitivity: -148 dBm

 Programmable bit rate up to 62.5 Kbps in LoRa modulation mode

 Programmable bit rate up to 300 Kbps in (G)FSK modulation mode

 Preamble detection

 Embedded memories (up to 256 KB of Flash memory and 64 KB of SRAM).

 Up to 42 configurable GPIOs: 3 x I2C, 1 x I2S, 4 x UART, 1 x LPUART, 1 x SWD, 3 x SPI,1 x QSPI and 2 x WDG

 4 x GPtimer, 2 x Basic Timer, 2 x LP timer and 1 x Sys Ticker

 48 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 CPU

 4-channel DMA engine x 2

 Embedded 12-bit 1 Msps SAR ADC

 Embedded 12-bit DAC

 32.768 KHz External Watch Crystal Oscillator

 32 MHz External Crystal Oscillator for RF Transceiver

 24 MHz External Crystal Oscillator for SoC (optional)

 Embedded internal 4 MHz RC oscillator

 Embedded internal High frequency (48 MHz) RC oscillator

 Embedded internal Low frequency (32.768 KHz) RC oscillator

 Embedded internal PLL to generate 48 MHz clock

 Embedded 3 x OPA

 Embedded 2 x Low Power Comparator

 Embedded LCD driver

 Embedded LD, TD, VD and FD

 Supports AES, DES, RSA, ECC, SHA and SM2/3/4

High Performance

CPU:48MHz basic frequency ARM

STAR core, can be used as master MCU

Flash: up to 256KB

SRAM: up to 64KB

Low power consumption

TX power consumption: Radio

58mA, MCU 3.4mA @17dBm

RX power consumption: Radio

4.6mA, MCU 3.4mA @125KHz

DeepSleep power consumption:

1.6uA (with retention and RTC) for QFN68,1.3uA (with retention and RTC) for QFN48

Worldwide application

Frequency band: 150MHz-960MHz full band without interruption

Mode: multi-mode LoRa / FSK / MSK / BPSK

Protocol: LoRaWAN /LinkWAN/proprietary protocol

Multi-functional expansion

QSPI: Higher speed, supporting

QSPI flash

I2C: supporting audio applications

OPA: Built-in 3-way OPA, supporting smoke detection, infrared detection

LCD: built-in maximum

8COM*20SEG, supporting 160 section code display

Wide coverage

Transmit power: up to 22dBm

Sensitivity: down to -148dBm

Link budget:up to 170dB

High security

LD/TD/VD/FD: supporting multiple security detection to enhance security level

AES: hardware AES, running time shortened

SM2/3/4: Built-in hardware algorithm engine


ASR6601SE LPWAN chip enables new generation of IoT applications.

 Smart meters

 Supply chain and logistics

 Building automation

 Agricultural sensors

 Smart cities

 Retail store sensors

 Asset tracking

 Streetlights

 Parking sensors

 Environmental sensors

 Healthcare

 Smoke sensors

 Safety and security sensors

 Remote control applications 

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Source Code

Compile and Upload Code to ASR6601 Platform

LA66 Peer to Peer firmware

LoRa & Microcontroller solution | ASR6601 Tutorial LoRaWAN

LA66 Sheild Datasheet

LA66 Sheild User Manual

LA66 AT Command Sets

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ASR6601SE SoC LPWAN Wireless Communication Transceiver

ASR6601SE is a general LPWAN Wireless Communication SoC, with integrated RF Transceiver, Modem and a 32-bit RISC MCU. The MCU uses ARM Cortex M4, with 48 MHz operation frequency.

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