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RAK2247 Helium Data-Only Hotspot mini-PCIe LoRaWAN module build in Semtech SX1301


RAK2247 Helium Data-Only Hotspot mini-PCIe LoRaWAN module build in Semtech SX1302 can participate on the Helium Network by transferring data from the end devices (LoRaWAN nodes).

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Product Description

The RAK2247 is the evolution of RAK833. It retains the same small form factor (mPCIE) and is just as easy to integrate as the previous model. It, however, comes with a number of improvements.

Its Maximum Tx power has been boosted in order to achieve even greater range, so your LoRaWAN network coverage is even wider.

The addition of the heat-sink improves thermals and allows for even more stable operation in strenuous conditions.

Last, but not least is the enhancement of the board design. Now there is a second SAW, which allows the interference resistance of the gateway this module will be powering to be boosted, as compared to the previous generation. This will be a very important feature, as LoRaWAN network deployment explodes in the coming years and their size blows out of proportions. High interference resistance, coupled with the already excellent -139dBM sensitivity will be key to supporting the increasing number of nodes in the growing network.

Key Features

Fully functioning LoRaWAN Multichannel Concentrator module (SX1301)

Tx Power up to 25dBm

RX sensitivity down to -139dBm

Improved Interference Resistance (Second SAW addition, as compared to RAK833)

Full LoRaWAN 1.0.2 stack support

Compact size in the form of a mPCIe 52pin form factor card

Compatible with 3.3V mPCIe type slots, common for 3G/LTE modules

With an option for SPI interface board or both SPI and USB interfaces

Perfect for a Plug-and-Play Setup when used together with the mPCIe to USB adapter (check this option above to include the board)


Product Dimensions: 30mm x 50.95mm

Product Weight: 100g (3.5oz)


1pc RAK2247 Pi HAT 

1pc RAK2247

1pc IPEX Antenna

Useful Link:



Get Start with RAK2247&RAK833 RPi LoRa Gateway

How to use RAK2247 on your X86 Linux PC

RAK2247 Pi HAT Datasheet

Helium Light Hotspots:

Data Only Hotspots

Data Only Hotspot Setup with RAK Concentrator + Raspberry Pi

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