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DWM-LoRa1278 /LoRa1276 DK Board
  • DWM-LoRa1278 /LoRa1276 DK Board

DWM-LoRa1278 /LoRa1276 lora DK Board


DWM-LoRa1278 /LoRa1276 DK Board is for RFM98W,RFM96W and RFM95W module development and demostration and transmisstion distance test.

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Hardware Introduction

DWM-LoRa1278 /LoRa1276 development board need to use in pair, one transmitter , one receiver. The demo
board carries MCU, program already burned , ready to use while supply power


Module: lora1278
Supply Voltage 5-12v
Module Voltage 3.3V
1 serial socket
1 program download interface
4 buttons for transmitting signal
4 led indicators for signal receive indicates
1 spring antenna

Operation steps

Supply powerwe use 4 dry batteries, 5.5V) , the power indicator will be on when supply
power. The 4 led indicators will blink fast , then the power indicator stay on.
Press any button of the transceiver, pack of data will be transmitted from it, and LED light
on receiver end will blink, then pack of data will return to transmitter, LED light on transmitter
will blink.

Product Details
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sx1278 DB circuit

Demo code and schematic

Download (415.17k)

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