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DWM-SA828 walkie talkie Voice module Kits
  • DWM-SA828 walkie talkie Voice module Kits

2Sets DWM-SA828 1W 5km range for Pocket /handheld device walkie talkie /tytera radios /trunking radio Voice module Kits


2sets Sa828 All-in-oneV band,134 -- 174MHz, U band, 400 -- 480MHz,3.5-5Km communication distance Walkie Talkie Voice Module for Pocket /handheld devices tytera radios /trunking radio module.


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SA828 is an all-in-one professional walkie-talkie module in small size. It is very easy to use with powerful function. This module has full function of a professional walkie-talkie and can talk with any analog walkie-talkie in the market. With the small size, it can be easily embedded into instrument, portable and handheld device. SA828 works well in the hot/cold environment with the KDS 1PPM TCXO. The features of excellent antenna match network, good RF amplifier, high RF sensitivity allow its communication easily to achieve over 3Km in open area.


Operating voltage range: 3.3-5.5V 
Operation teperature range: -30'C~70'C 
Sleep current: <=3uA 
RX current: 60mA 
TX current (hight output power): 650mA (typical), 750mA (Max) 
RX current (low output power): 450mA (typical), 550mA (Max) 
Operating frequency range: 134 -- 174MHz 
TX current (hight output power): 28dBm(min), 29.5dBm(typical), 31dBm(Max) @VCC=4.0V 
RX current (low output power): 25 (typical), 26.5dBm(typical), 27dBm(Max) @VCC=4.0V 
Audio distortion: 2%-5% @1.5KHz/2.5KHz frequency deviation 
Adjacent Channel Ratio: -60dBc @12.6K offset 
RX sensitivity: -124dBm 
RS SNR: 45dB (min); 50dB (typical) 
Audio output power: 2W 
Audio output impedance: 8ohm 

* 1ppm TCXO 
* Embedded EEPROM, data saved even power off 
* High / low output power selection (500mW-1W) 
* 8 SQ* 166 CDCSS, 38 CTCSS 
* High Integrated with ultra small size 
* High Sensitivity: -124dBm 
* 3~5Km distance in open aera 
* 1W Output Power* 12.5/25KHz bandwidth selection 
* Solely TX and RX frequency 
* Frequency range: 134 -- 174MHz 


  • Audio tracking and control system 
  • Outdoor sport product
  • Instrument
  • Security system
  • Pocket / handheld device
  • Small size walkie-talkie

Packing list: 
2pcs SA828 modules 
2pcs antennas 
2pcs usb bridge board 
2pcs speakers 
2pcs rotary switches 
2pcs Pin line

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