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A9G GPRS /GSM /GPS Pudding/SMS/Voice/ Positioning IOT Development Board


The A9G development board is a multifunctional development board based on EMC’s A9G GPRS/ GSM + GPS/ BDS module it can be used Wireless Data Transmission and Positioning IOT Development.

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The A9G development board is a multifunctional development board based on EMC’s A9G GPRS/ GSM + GPS/ BDS module, you can use it to verify the basic communication and peripheral functions of A9G module. It has the basic phone/ SMS, GPRS networking communications and GPG/ BDS dual mode positioning function. There are lithium battery charge management, microphone, speaker interface, USB communication interface, multiple user keys/ led, TF card slot, acceleration sensor, SPI interface, I2C2 interface, ADC interface on the boards, so you can develop different functions with this board. This board has camera expansion board, so you can connect an external 30W/ 200W camera. It can add a traditional slot machine for it contains slot machine function.

A9G development board can be used for various peripherals prototype development verification, such as remote monitoring intercom with GSM and microphone/ speakers, remote monitoring camera with GPRS + TF + camera extension board, wechat payment slot machine scheme with the slot machine function. Besides that, you can also use as automobile theft with GPRS + GPS and accelerometer; 1.54 inch capacitive touch screen smart watch with GPRS/ GSM + GPS; heart rate oxygen sensor and 1.54 inch capacitive touch screen elderly watch with GPRS/ GSM + GPS. Using the onboard features, you can also use custom device based on Lua machine.


Supports voice call and SMS message.

Supports GSM/ GPRS frequency: 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz.

Supports GPRS data service, the maximum download data rate is 85.6 Kbps, upload data is 42.8 Kbps.

Supports GSM07.07, 07. 05 AT commands and Ai-Thinker explosion command.

Supports 3 serial ports, one download serial port, one AT command port.


Size: 19.2mm x 18.8mm x 3mm

Working temperature: -30 ℃-80℃

Working voltage: 3.5v – 4.2v (it’s best to power by 4v)

Power voltage: >3.5v

Low power consumption:


GPIO level: 2.8v


Connect usb-ttl with 4 wires when debugging, VUSB-5V; GND-GND; AT_TX-RX; AT_RX-TX

Or power supply by USB, then connect another three lines, GND-GND; AT_TX-RX; AT_RX-TX

Or power by lithium battery, VBAT-(3.3v-4.2) V; GND-GND; AT_TX-RX; AT_RX-TX; (VBAT power supply, need to press power_key button for about 2s)

Power on

A9G development board can be powered by USB or lithium battery.

It does not require any operation when powered 1-2s.

Please press the Rst_Key button to reset.

The module enters AT command mode by default.

Package list

A9G Development Board x 1

GPRS Antenna x 1

GPS Antenna x 1

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