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DWM-APC340 433MHz /470MHz /868MHz /915MHz LoRa series Long range data link rf module
  • DWM-APC340 433MHz /470MHz /868MHz /915MHz LoRa series Long range data link rf module

DWM-APC340 433MHz /470MHz /868MHz /915MHz LoRa series Long range data link RF module


APC340 LoRa series rf module is built in RFIC sx1278 and sx1276 which can work on 433MHz,470MHz ,868MHz,915MHz 20dBm Ultra Long Range Transceiver Module with LoRa spread spectrum modulation.

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APC340 is based on RFIC sx1278 and sx1276, which can work on Sub-1GHz frequency band with SEMTECH's new LoRa spread spectrum modulation technique, it is integrates an8 bit high speed and low power ST microcontroller, for best interference immunity, strong penetration, ultra long distance demands, such as wireless centralized meter reading, wireless sensor network, the remote wireless positioning system, the APC340 has four working modes, each mode could be switched between Normal, sleep, weak and power saving, the battery supply could last for years by these special modes.


1.Ultilizing of LoRa spread spectrum modulation,Outdoor covers up to 3000meters(810bps) 
2.Frequency range 433MHz,470MHz,868MHz,915MHz .
3.0.2MHz channel spacing 
4.SEMTECH LoRa SX1278 RFIC (433MHz,470MHz),SX1276 RFIC (868MHz,915MHz )
5.Maximum 20dBm output power(adjustable) 
6.Extremely low sensitivity of receiving -137dBm/300bps, -132dBm/810bps
7.Interface of UART/TTL 
8.Outstanding receiver sensitivity -137dBm/300bps, -132dBm/810bps 
9.High efficiency forward error correction with interleaving encoding 
10.LoRa modulation/demodulation 
11.Main parameters can be changed by APPCON RF module software 
12.256Bytes data buffer 
13.Power supply 5V, 3.3V optional 
14.RX current:13mA/4.56Kbps, 15mA/18.23Kbps 
      TX current:Max.100mA 
      Sleep current: 2.5uA, Max.4uA 
15.Operating temperature:-30℃ to 85℃ 


1.Remote automatic meter reading 
2.Wireless remote telemetry 
3.Industrial and automation data acquisition 
4.Security and alarm system 
5.Smart building and community 
6.Wireless control system 
7.Electronic, LED, Robot control

Useful Link:USB to UART Driver,Serial Debug Tool,Tunewell GUI,Tunewell Module SettingRF-Magic for Meters,ICBCOM RF-Magic.


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RFM69CW / RFM69HCW SX1231H 433MHz /868MHz /915MHz HopeRF transceiver rf module

RFM69CW / RFM69HCW SX1231H 433MHz /868MHz /915MHz HopeRF transceiver rf module

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