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DWM-2WD Smart Car Kit
  • DWM-2WD Smart Car Kit

DWM-2WD Arduino UNO based Smart Car Kit


DWM-2WD Smart Car Kit is an kit base on the Arduino UNO with Bluetooth Control.


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The Kit is for making a 2WD smart car. It has everything needed to make a simple smart toy car except the 18650 battery (As battery is prohibitted to be transported, you need to buy a couple of 18650 batteries locally, or make your own power supply system (7~12V)).

Especially, with the following Electronic Brick modules, it could be a SMART car.

Makerduino UNO (It is a improvement for Arduino UNO), and works as the brain of a Car)

Extension Shield for Makerduino (It breaks out the pins of Makerduino)

EB - Motor Driver (It is used for driving two geared motors)

EB - Bluetooth (It is bluetooth 2.0, could be connected by most of Android Phone)

EB - Ultrasonic Sensor (It can measure the distance in front, and could be used for obstacle avoidance)

EB - Line Finder ( It could be used to make the car run alone the black line)

We provide demo code for all these modules.

Note: We send the transparent Acrylic Base Board in default. If you need other color, please leave a message when placing the order.

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RFM69CW /RFM69HCW SX1231H 433MHz /868MHz /915MHz HopeRF transceiver rf module

RFM69CW /RFM69HCW SX1231H 433MHz /868MHz /915MHz HopeRF transceiver rf module

The RFM69CW /RFM69HCW are built in by SX1231and SX1231H which is ISM Free band  transceiver module capable of operation over a wide frequency range, including the 433MHz,868MHz and 915MHz.

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