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APPCON is recognized as the leading developer of RF solution for wireless AMR, remote monitor and control, alarm and security, smart traffic, industrial automation, telemetry, military project and other wireless applications.APPCON has a research team with advanced technique and rich experience on RF fields, As years of research and development, we committed to provide full series of high quality wireless product and solution with operation in the license free ISM/SRD bands. The product design, sourcing, production, test and management are all respect to ISO9001 standards. We are the ADI, SEMTECH and AVNET short range RF third party design partner, our products are exports to all over the world, America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Moreover, we are willing to cooperate with customer to meet their OEM and ODM services.

Код: DWM14073001

Бренд: Semtech

DWM-APC340 433MHz /470MHz /868MHz /915MHz LoRa series Long range data link RF module

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APC340 LoRa series rf module is built in RFIC sx1278 and sx1276 which can work on 433MHz,470MHz ,868MHz,915MHz 20dBm Ultra Long Range Transceiver Module with LoRa spread spectrum modulation.

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