When we founded?

DWMZONE LTD is founded at March, 2011,ShenZhen ,China.

What’s the mission?

Our mission will make all the people and organization who involved into the electronic word
get cheaper hardware solution and good consultant service.

What it’s kind of products we supply?

We mainly focus on the Digit module, Digit sensor module and wireless module and it’s easy
for user to implement a system to collect the information from the real world and transmission
the information to the service center. So the Digit module will gather the information of the
environment the Digit module will deal with the information and the wireless module will help
transmission the information.

Who we service for?

Electronic hobbyist, Protype for new project and students for Education those group people are
the mainly customer of us. There will be constant service which will induct those people how to
build and how to improve the skill designing a electronic system.

How customer can get the service?

Online store, all of the customer can place an order directly at our online store and we will
deliver the products though the convenient logistics system around the world within a week.
Expert, each of the series products we have a expert and you can get any suggestions any time
at any situation (Place order or not) from the expert.
Forum, the forum will give user further information for all kinds of series products. User can find
the same problems which they meet and the corresponding answer.
Blog, the expert and even all the user can express some articles to show the skill and the vision
on electronic area.

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