Shopping-Shipping Agent service from China

November 11, 2017, The Single’s day, it’s Double eleven in Chinese Alibaba Tmall to total turnover is 168.2 Billion dollars in a single day, Global consumers pay a total of 1.48 Billion orders, all day throughout the logistics order more than 800 million, covering 225 countries and regions in the world. It’s time for Global shopping. We have been working at the international trading business over 6 years and successfully shipped over 35,000 packages to all over around the world. We are going to open the SHOPPING-SHIPPING AGENT Service to all of our customers and foreign friends, We are going to help solve the problems of Language, culture difference, communication, negotiation, packaging, and logistics. There are two Services SHOP FOR ME and SHIP FOR ME, We can help to Buy and collect and transport any of Legitimate products and packages which are from Taobao, Aliexpress or any suppliers in China.Welcome to Join us.
How to Join us?

Here is the process: 


Step One

Checking the shipping price list
Checking and Knowing the price and count way from Shenzhen to your destination country from The bellow Shipping price list.

Step Two


Shopping-Shipping agent form

You can check this link and see 

How to fill the Shopping-Shipping agent form ?

Step Three

Select service
Check the Shopping-Shipping agent form there two services BUY FOR ME and SHIP FOR ME. If you select the BUY FOR ME then you have to input the Parts and supplier information to the form. If you select the SHIP FOR ME then you have to send our delivery address to your supplier.

Step Four

Contact us
Contact us by sending a mail or through Skype, Wechat or QQ and Get the customer code and our delivery address, sending us the Shopping-Shipping agent form which you have decided the service. Customer code: USA001, Means You are from the USA and the number one customer, you will give this Customer code to the supplier if you selected the service SHIP FOR ME then we can know that is your parcels, after receiving the parcels, will put them in one place. Example: Our Delivery address is
ADD: 深圳市南山区西丽镇平山村259栋(维也纳酒店旁)Post code: 518055 ATTN:黎振华(Cindy)(customer code转你的名字收) (for example: SG001转Cindy收) Mob: 13414473181

Step Five

Arrange the first Payment
If you select the BUY FOR ME service we will confirm the parts which you are going to buy one by one after confirmation with you then you will arrange the first Payment, we will start shopping after we receive the full payment.
After the Supplier finish shopping, you just send back the courier no list and send me back the SHOPPING-SHIPPING AGENT FORM for your list and let me know the total packages when I got the all the parcels or any questions will feedback you.
After getting all the parcels, finish packing, and let you know the actual weight and volume weight.and total freight charge.

Step Six

Arrange the second payment
Arrange the second payment for the shipping charge, you can pay by PayPal, or by Bank to Bank, or by the Western Union.
We will release the shipment after we get the full payment.

Shipment delivery to you,and will follow it.
The Tracking website:
Air Mail/China post:
ThePrices for international delivery from China are final and already include all charges and discounts. We do not charge commission on international shipping.
DHL: Fuel tax is included, no additional fees; when dimensional weight is larger than actual weight, for example, cushion, the amount will be based on the dimensional weight. Prices for shipping of several types of items may differ from prices stated in our list. Additional fees may be required for delivery to remote areas.
Air Mail – Express Mail Service by China Post: All charges are included, 8RMB declaration fee for parcels under 1kg. No additional fees.
China Post AIR MAIL: All charges are included, 8 RMB declaration fee applies.
If your country is not on the list, please check the price list for delivery by China Post AIR MAIL below. If you have any questions related to international shipping, feel free to ask us.

Contact information

E-mail: Gmail:

Wechat:ameisina Skype:ameisina QQ:544209846

Shipping Price List

AIR MAIL (delivery within 10 ~ 15 working days) DHL Rates (delivery within 5 ~ 7 working days)
Parcel / Packet under 2kg Parcel / Packet under 21kg
(Over 21kg will have lower price)
Destination First 100g Every Additional 100g Destination First 1kg Every additional 500g
Albania US$3.08 US$2.62 Albania US$32.31 US$5.92
Algeria US$3.38 US$3.08 Algeria US$34.31 US$7.00
Andorra US$3.08 US$2.62 Andorra US$30.92 US$5.38
Antigua & Barbuda US$3.38 US$3.08 Antigua and Barbuda US$34.31 US$7.00
Argentina US$3.38 US$3.08 Argentina US$34.62 US$7.00
Armenia US$3.08 US$2.62 Armenia US$32.46 US$6.46
Aruba US$3.38 US$3.08 Aruba US$34.31 US$7.00
Australia US$3.08 US$2.62 Australia US$32.00 US$5.92
Austria US$3.08 US$2.62 Austria US$33.08 US$6.46
Azerbaidjan US$2.77 US$2.15 Azerbaidjan US$34.31 US$7.00
Azores US$3.38 US$3.08 Bahamas US$34.31 US$7.00
Bahamas US$3.38 US$3.08 Bahrain US$34.61 US$6.46
Bahrain US$2.77 US$2.15 Bangladesh US$33.08 US$6.46
Bangladesh US$2.77 US$2.15 Barbados US$33.54 US$6.46
Barbados US$3.38 US$3.08 Belgium US$31.84 US$5.92
Belarus US$3.08 US$2.62 Belize US$34.31 US$7.00
Belgium US$3.08 US$2.62 Benin US$34.31 US$7.00
Belize US$3.38 US$3.08 Bermuda US$34.31 US$7.00
Benin US$3.38 US$3.08 Bolivia US$34.31 US$7.00
Bermuda US$3.38 US$3.08 Bosnia and Herzegovina US$33.54 US$7.00
Bolivia US$3.38 US$3.08 Botswana US$34.31 US$7.00
Bosnia & Herzegovina US$3.38 US$3.08 Brunei US$32.00 US$5.38
Botswana US$3.38 US$3.08 Bulgaria US$32.16 US$6.03
Brazil US$3.38 US$3.08 Cambodia US$31.54 US$5.92
Brunei US$3.08 US$2.62 Cameroon US$31.54 US$5.92
Bulgaria US$3.08 US$2.62 Canada US$31.54 US$5.92
Cambodia US$2.77 US$2.15 Canary Is. US$32.77 US$6.46
Cameroon US$3.38 US$3.08 Cape Verde US$34.31 US$7.00
Canada US$3.08 US$2.62 Cayman Islands US$34.31 US$7.00
Canary Is. US$3.38 US$3.08 Chile US$35.08 US$7.54
Cape Verde US$3.38 US$3.08 Colombia US$35.08 US$7.54
Cayman Islands US$3.38 US$3.08 Costa Rica US$35.08 US$7.54
Chile US$3.38 US$3.08 Croatia US$33.54 US$7.00
Colombia US$3.38 US$3.08 Cuba US$35.08 US$7.54
Costa Rica US$3.38 US$3.08 Cyprus US$32.47 US$6.03
Croatia US$3.08 US$2.62 Czech Republic US$32.16 US$6.03
Cuba US$3.38 US$3.08 Denmark US$32.16 US$6.03
Cyprus US$2.77 US$2.15 Dominica US$34.31 US$7.00
Czech Republic US$3.08 US$2.62 Dominican Republic US$34.31 US$7.00
Denmark US$3.08 US$2.62 Ecuador US$34.31 US$7.00
Dominica US$3.38 US$3.08 Egypt US$33.54 US$7.00
Dominican Republic US$3.38 US$3.08 El Salvador US$34.31 US$7.00
Ecuador US$3.38 US$3.08 Equatorial Guinea US$34.31 US$7.00
Egypt US$3.38 US$3.08 Estonia US$32.47 US$6.03
El Salvador US$3.38 US$3.08 Fiji US$35.08 US$7.54
Equatorial Guinea US$3.38 US$3.08 Finland US$32.00 US$6.03
Estonia US$3.08 US$2.62 France US$32.30 US$6.24
Fiji US$3.38 US$3.08 French Guiana US$35.08 US$7.54
Finland US$3.08 US$2.62 Georgia US$33.54 US$7.00
France US$3.08 US$2.62 Germany US$32.30 US$6.24
French Guiana US$3.38 US$3.08 Ghana US$34.31 US$7.00
French Polynesia US$3.38 US$3.08 Gibraltar US$33.08 US$6.68
Georgia US$2.77 US$2.15 Greece US$32.00 US$6.03
Germany US$3.08 US$2.62 Greenland US$33.85 US$6.68
Ghana US$3.38 US$3.08 Grenada US$34.31 US$7.00
Gibraltar US$3.08 US$2.62 Guadeloupe US$34.31 US$7.00
Greece US$3.08 US$2.62 Guam US$35.08 US$7.54
Greenland US$3.08 US$2.62 Guatemala US$35.08 US$7.54
Grenada US$3.38 US$3.08 Honduras US$34.62 US$7.00
Guadeloupe US$3.38 US$3.08 Hong Kong US$13.08 US$2.70
Guam US$3.38 US$3.08 Hungary US$32.47 US$6.03
Guatemala US$3.38 US$3.08 Iceland US$33.08 US$6.68
Hawaii US$3.38 US$3.08 India US$32.47 US$6.03
Honduras US$3.38 US$3.08 Indonesia US$32.16 US$6.03
Hong Kong US$2.46 US$1.54 Iran US$34.77 US$6.46
Hungary US$3.08 US$2.62 Ireland US$32.00 US$6.03
Iceland US$3.08 US$2.62 Israel US$47.69 US$7.00
India US$2.77 US$2.15 Italy US$32.46 US$6.24
Indonesia US$2.77 US$2.15 Ivory Coast US$74.61 US$11.84
Iran US$3.08 US$2.62 Jamaica US$35.08 US$7.54
Ireland US$3.08 US$2.62 Japan US$31.54 US$5.92
Israel US$2.77 US$2.15 Jordan US$33.08 US$6.46
Italy US$3.08 US$2.62 Kazakhstan US$32.47 US$6.03
Ivory Coast US$3.38 US$3.08 Kuwait US$44.31 US$6.46
Jamaica US$3.38 US$3.08 Kyrgyzstan US$33.08 US$6.46
Japan US$2.46 US$1.54 Laos US$34.77 US$7.32
Jordan US$3.08 US$2.62 Latvia US$32.16 US$6.03
Kazakhstan US$3.08 US$2.62 Lebanon US$33.54 US$7.00
Kuwait US$2.77 US$2.15 Liechtenstein US$33.85 US$7.00
Kyrgyzstan US$2.77 US$2.15 Lithuania US$32.16 US$6.03
Laos US$2.77 US$2.15 Luxembourg US$32.16 US$6.03
Latvia US$3.08 US$2.62 Macau US$13.08 US$2.70
Lebanon US$2.77 US$2.15 Macedonia US$33.85 US$7.00
Liechtenstein US$3.08 US$2.62 Madagascar US$34.31 US$7.00
Lithuania US$3.08 US$2.62 Malaysia US$32.00 US$5.38
Luxembourg US$3.08 US$2.62 Maldives US$35.08 US$7.54
Macau US$2.46 US$1.54 Malta US$32.16 US$6.03
Macedonia US$3.08 US$2.62 Martinique US$34.31 US$7.00
Madagascar US$3.38 US$3.08 Mauritius US$34.31 US$7.00
Madeira US$3.38 US$3.08 Mexico US$32.77 US$5.92
Malaysia US$2.77 US$2.15 Moldova US$33.54 US$7.00
Maldives US$2.77 US$2.15 Mongolia US$34.31 US$7.00
Malta US$3.08 US$2.62 Montenegro US$33.54 US$7.00
Martinique US$3.38 US$3.08 Morocco US$34.31 US$7.00
Mauritius US$3.38 US$3.08 Netherlands US$31.85 US$6.03
Mexico US$3.38 US$3.08 New Caledonia US$35.08 US$7.54
Moldova US$3.08 US$2.62 New Zealand US$32.46 US$6.24
Monaco US$3.08 US$2.62 Nicaragua US$34.31 US$7.00
Mongolia US$2.46 US$1.54 Norway US$32.16 US$6.03
Montenegro US$3.38 US$3.08 Oman US$38.46 US$7.00
Morocco US$3.38 US$3.08 Pakistan US$33.23 US$6.46
Netherlands US$3.08 US$2.62 Panama US$34.31 US$7.00
New Caledonia US$3.38 US$3.08 Papua New Guinea US$33.54 US$6.46
New Zealand US$3.08 US$2.62 Paraguay US$35.08 US$7.54
Nicaragua US$3.38 US$3.08 Peru US$34.31 US$7.00
Norway US$3.08 US$2.62 Philippines US$26.15 US$5.38
Oman US$2.77 US$2.15 Poland US$32.77 US$6.24
Pakistan US$3.08 US$2.62 Portugal US$32.16 US$6.03
Panama US$3.38 US$3.08 Puerto Rico US$34.31 US$7.00
Papua New Guinea US$3.38 US$3.08 Qatar US$36.92 US$6.46
Paraguay US$3.38 US$3.08 Reunion Island US$34.31 US$7.00
Peru US$3.38 US$3.08 Romania US$32.16 US$6.03
Philippines US$2.77 US$2.15 San Marino US$32.93 US$6.03
Poland US$3.08 US$2.62 Saudi Arabia US$51.23 US$8.08
Portugal US$3.08 US$2.62 Senegal US$34.31 US$7.00
Puerto Rico US$3.38 US$3.08 Serbia US$33.54 US$7.00
Qatar US$2.77 US$2.15 Seychelles US$34.31 US$7.00
Reunion Island US$3.38 US$3.08 Singapore US$26.15 US$5.38
Romania US$3.08 US$2.62 Slovakia US$32.00 US$6.03
Russian Federation US$3.08 US$2.62 Slovenia US$32.16 US$6.03
San Marino US$3.08 US$2.62 South Africa US$34.31 US$7.00
Saudi Arabia US$3.08 US$2.62 South Korea US$26.92 US$5.38
Senegal US$3.38 US$3.08 Spain US$32.00 US$6.03
Serbia US$3.38 US$3.08 Sri Lanka US$35.08 US$7.54
Seychelles US$3.38 US$3.08 St.Kitts and Nevis US$49.23 US$8.08
Singapore US$2.77 US$2.15 St.Lucia US$35.08 US$7.54
Slovakia US$3.08 US$2.62 Sweden US$32.16 US$6.03
Slovenia US$3.08 US$2.62 Switzerland US$32.00 US$6.03
South Africa US$3.38 US$3.08 Taiwan US$26.15 US$5.38
South Korea US$2.46 US$1.54 Tajikistan US$34.31 US$7.00
Spain US$3.08 US$2.62 Thailand US$26.15 US$5.38
Sri Lanka US$3.08 US$2.62 Tunisia US$34.31 US$7.00
St.Kitts & Nevis US$3.38 US$3.08 Turkey US$34.31 US$7.32
St.Lucia US$3.38 US$3.08 Ukraine US$35.39 US$8.08
Sweden US$3.08 US$2.62 United Arab Emirates US$44.31 US$6.46
Switzerland US$3.08 US$2.62 United Kingdom US$32.47 US$6.03
Taiwan US$2.46 US$1.54 United States Of America US$30.77 US$5.38
Tajikistan US$2.46 US$1.54 Uruguay US$34.31 US$7.00
Thailand US$2.77 US$2.15 Uzbekistan US$33.54 US$7.00
Tunisia US$3.38 US$3.08 Venezuela US$34.31 US$7.00
Turkey US$2.77 US$2.15 Vietnam US$33.69 US$7.32
Turkmenistan US$3.08 US$2.62 Virgin Is.(British) US$35.08 US$7.54
Ukraine US$3.08 US$2.62 Virgin Is.(USA) US$35.08 US$7.54
United Arab Emirates US$3.38 US$3.08 Yemen US$34.31 US$7.00
United Kingdom US$3.08 US$2.62      
United States of America US$3.08 US$2.62      
Uruguay US$3.38 US$3.08      
Uzbekistan US$2.77 US$2.15      
Venezuela US$3.38 US$3.08      
Vietnam US$2.77 US$2.15      
Virgin Is.(British) US$3.38 US$3.08      
Virgin Is.(USA) US$3.38 US$3.08      
Yemen US$2.77 US$2.15      

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