Solved the problem “RH_RF95 Does not name a type”

Solved the problem “RH_95 Does not name a type”

The Developers or users may face a problem when they follow the step of the user manual try to Upload a sketch to the Dragino Lora gateway LG01-S or Upload Sketch to Lora shield board by using the newest version Arduino-1.8.5. the compiler will show: class RH_RF95′ has no member named ‘setSpreadingFactor’ or RH_RF95 Does not name a type.

dwmzone-Solved-the -problem-RH_RF95 -Does-not -name-a -type-pro1

dwmzone-Solved-the -problem-RH_RF95 -Does-not -name-a -type-pro1

You may try many ways or search on the internet to find a way to solve the problems when the problems come.i have faced this problem and solved the problems successfully.
Here are my way and explanation:
1. The explanation
you may had used the old version Lora Library before like the version RadioHead-1.63 and add to the IDE as one library now the Dragino had been upgraded the newest version Lora library which is RadioHead-master the problems comes from the conflict between the old version and newest version Lora library(The newest version Lora library can be download from
2. The way solved the problems
1) find the library file and delete the RadioHead file here is the route(you cant uninstall from the Library Manager)

2)find the cached file and delete the Arduino15 file here is the route(which will store the history data for the old version library)

3) Install the newest version Lora Library by using the Library Manager again.
Then problem solved you can try it again.

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