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RFM68W-S2 Low cost 433MHz /868MHz /915MHz HopeRF ISM FSK Transimitter rf module

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The RFM68W is an ultra-low-cost, fully integrated FSK or OOK transmitter suitable for operation between 310 and 450 MHz, 860 and 870 MHz, as well as 902 and 928 MHz..The RFM68W offers integrated radio performance with cost efficiency and is suited for operation in North America FCC part 15.231, FCC part 15.247 DTS and FHSS modes, 15.249, and Europe EN 300...

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VHF&UHF Data and voice modem
VHF&UHF Data and voice modem

VHF&UHF Data and voice modem

We will list all kinds of Data radio modem and voice radio modem which with High Power Output and multi-channels and also narrowband  Transceiver modems with the UART,RS232,RS485 even the RJ45 user interface.

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