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MKL62BA nRF52832 (BLE) and Sx1262 (LoRa) LoRaWAN® Module


MKL62BA is LoRaWAN®-Based module. The module integrates with Semtech LoRa SX1262 and Nordic BLE nRF52832 chip which has a 32-bit ARM Coretex-M4 and and 512 kB flash/64 kB RAM memory.

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1 Product Introduction

MKL62BA is a compact, low- power and LoRaWAN®-Based module. The module integrates with Semtech LoRa SX1262 and Nordic BLE nRF52832 chip that has a 32-bit ARM Coretex-M4 and and 512 kB flash/64 kB RAM memory.
The module supports a variety of digital interfaces,such as SPI,UART,I2C,GPIO,ADC,NFC and so on. The module can be used to collect sensor data when the sensor is physically connected to these digital interfaces,and the data will be transmitted to a remote LoRaWAN gateway,then transmitted to a server. The BLE also can be used to establish a connection with BLE terminal equipment to interactive data in short distance, such as update firmware over the air by smartphone.

2 Application

  • Automated meter reading
  • Industrial monitoring and control
  • Agriculture and enviroment monitoring
  • Asset and personnel positioning

3 Product Feature

  • Based on LoRaWAN®-Based and BLE Protocol
  • Built-in TCXO for improve high frequency stability and can be used for harsh environment in outdoor application
  • Firmware update Over The Air (OTA)
  • Support for AT command configuring
  • Built-in BLE ceramic antenna and IPEX connector for outside antenna
  • Support NFC function
  • Low cost and low power consumption

4 Technical Parameter

MCU Nordic nRF52832 ARM Coretex-M4+ 32-bit
Memory 512 kB flash/64 kB RAM
Transceiver Semtech SX1262
Frequency EU868/US915/AU915/AS923/IN865
TX Power Max 21 dBm@EU868
Max 21 dBm@US915
RX Sensitivity -137dBm@SF12
Power Supply 3.3V
TX Current(LoRa+BLE) Max 120mA
RX Current(LoRa+BLE) 6.4mA
Sleep current 7uA
BLE Antenna On-board ceramic antenna
LoRa Antenna IPEX connector for external antenna
Dimension 24mm x 19mm x 3mm
Package 33 Pins, SMT
Working Temperature -40~85 ℃

5 Hardware Specifications

5.1 Block Diagram and Pin-out

Figure 1: Functional block diagram for MKL62BA modules

Figure 2: MKL62BA module pin-out (top view)

5.2 Pin Definitions

Pin NO.Pin NameTypeComment
2 LED1 I/O P0.25 I/O
3 LED2 I/O P0.26 I/O
4 GPIO0 I/O P0.27 I/O
5 GPIO1 I/O P0.28 I/O I
6 UART_CTS I/O P0.29 I/O I
7 UART_RTS I/O P0.30 I/O I
8 UART_TX I/O P0.31 I/O I
9 UART_RX I/O P0.02 I/O I
10 GPIO2 I/O P0.03 I/O I
11 GPIO3 I/O P0.04 I/O I
12 ADC I/O P0.05 I/O I
13 VCC - VCC 3.3V
14 GND - GND
15 GND - GND
16 RESET I P0.06 I/O ,MCU reset trigger input
17 I2C_SDA I/O P0.07 I/O
18 I2C_SCL I/O P0.08 I/O
21 SPI_CS I/O P0.15 I/O
22 SPI_MISO I/O P0.18 I/O
23 SPI_MOSI I/O P0.20 I/O
24 SPI_CLK I/O P0.22 I/O
25 SWDIO I/O Used for download
26 SWDCLK I/O Used for download
27 GND - GND
28 GND - GND
29 GND - GND
30 RF2 Reserved exteral LoRa antenna
31 GND - GND
32 GND - GND
33 RF1 Reserved exteral BLE antenna
34 GND - GND

6 Mechanical Details

6.1 MKL62BA Mechanical Details

Usefull Link:

MKL62BA AT Command Specification

MKL62ST-DT User Manual

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