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RAK2247 Pi HAT connect the RAK2247 LPWAN Concentrator Module Raspberry Pi


RAK2247 Pi HAT is a converter board with a Raspberry Pi form factor that enables the RAK2247 LPWAN concentrator module to be mounted on the top of the Raspberry Pi.

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Product Description

RAK2247 Pi HAT is a converter board designed to allow the RAK2247 Concentrator module to interface with a Raspberry Pi SBC (Single Board Computer). It maps the 52-pin of mPCIe RAK2247 connector to the 40- pin Raspberry Pi header. There is also a GPS on the HAT that enhances your RAK2247 with localization and timing data.

Product Features

Pi HAT form factor fully compatible with Raspberry Pi products

PCIe connector onboard for connecting RAK2247 Concentrator module

Built-in GPS

Product Inclusions

1x RAK2247 Pi HAT converter board 

RAK2247 Pi HAT

Product Details

Product Dimension: 65 x 55 x 18 mm (±2mm)

Product Weight: 22.9 g

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Get Start with RAK2247&RAK833 RPi LoRa Gateway

How to use RAK2247 on your X86 Linux PC

RAK2247 Pi HAT Datasheet

Product Details
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