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Wireless and RF module

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We supply wireless modules for wireless communication, wireless data transfer and remote control system,it allows eng...



  • Data Link RF module

    We can offer different data Link RF module and transparent RF module with diffrent brand.

  • Sub-1GHz RF module

    Sub-1GHz RF module included the ISM free band module like 315MHz, 433MHz,868MHz and 915MHz which are Widely used in the world.

  • LoRa Wireless Modules

    Supply All kinds of LoRa wireless module and data link module which were built by the SX1278 and SX1276.Included all  seriese of the ISM Free band like 433MHz,470MHz ,868MHz and 915MHz,LoRa module was used into the industry for street lighting control, ARM Smart metering and M-bus modules.

  • Walkie talkie module

    Simplified interface and ultra small size  make this module widely used in various applications  and conveniently embedded into various handheld  devices.

  • 2.4GHz ISM RF module

    Performer good on data transmission for Point to Point application with different brand. 

  • WIFI module

    WIFI module for smart home, Securty systems and wilress communications.

  • Bluetooth module

    We are helping to express and offering the add vaule on bluetooth technology.

  • Zigbee Module

    ZigBee is a specification for a suite of high level communication protocols and be used in Wireless Energy Monitor/Saving/Mfg Home Automation/Care/Security.

  • GSM /GPRS /GPS /3G module

    GSM /GPRS /GPS /3G module.

  • RFID

     Services for the IC cards Read/Write modules and devices, system software for the RFID products.

  • IOT Modules and Kits

    In this category we will list all of the modules and kits which relate to the IOT application which will include the Lora module, lora nodes,Lora sensor,GPS,bluetooth,GSM,NB-iot ext.

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